Social Assessment by The Good Economy Partnership

The Good Economy Partnership is a leading social advisory firm with a mission to tackle the global challenges of poverty and rising inequality through the promotion of a humane model of capitalism.

  • As a social impact investor, FAH has adopted a Social Performance Assessment Framework, devised by The good Economy Partnership, in the evaluation of all potential projects.
  • Projects are assessed before detailed due diligence is undertaken to ensure that they are capable of delivering a measurable positive social outcome.
  • Projects that don’t achieve the pre-agreed threshold for investment are declined.
  • All projects are assessed in details by The Good Economy Partnership as part of the detailed due diligence.
  • FAH arranges for an independent social audit of all projects on an annual basis to ensure projects remain within the criteria.
  • Please click to the right in the download box to download the summary and the full version of the report.

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