Strategy and Market Focus

FAH intends to build a balanced portfolio of affordable housing investments in order to deliver a mix of income yield and capital appreciation for our shareholders. We invest directly in affordable homes typically taking a freehold interest and working across different strategies to enhance diversification and broaden the social delivery.

The strategies include affordable homes for:

  • Long-term rent (based on income and need)
  • Shared Ownership (allowing residents to increase their proportion of ownership over time)
  • Specialist accommodation (where additional support is required)

In each instance FAH enters into long-term management contracts or leases with Housing Associations or other regulated organisations, these agreements cover the provision of tenant services and support with defined economics.

FAH has both social and economic objectives believing that the combination represents a powerful mix that will assist the development of the FAH approach within the sector.

FAH considers that affordable housing, as a residential investment class is attractive and under-invested at this time. Attributes include:

  • Significant long-term undersupply and demonstrable need
  • Highly defined regulatory and governance framework
  • Opportunity to acquire freehold interests
  • 98%+ occupancy level

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